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Cost Effectiveness Using Cloud Computing

JUne 01st

What makes the term cloud computing the most celebrated buzzword in the business world these days? Be it a small-scale or large-scale business, companies are swiftly switching over to this new model, which involves remote operation using data stored in cloud servers. With its boundless storage capacity, cloud computing offers a lot of convenience to the business processes.

Is that all? No. This paradigm shift promises many more benefits. Most importantly, when we opt for cloud computing in our business, the paramount question will be how it helps to improve the top line. To understand this in detail, let us analyse various pricing models in the cloud computing systems.

The pricing models

Cloud-based solutions cater to a wide gamut of industries. Naturally, these systems are designed to meet diverse business needs. Depending upon the nature of business and the complexity of solutions, the cloud providers are offering different pricing models. Therefore, understanding the pricing scheme is very important for a user, to choose the best plan.

Generally, two broad types of pricing schemes are available in the market: (a) Fixed pricing system (b) Variable pricing system

  • Fixed pricing system : This is the traditional pricing style. According to this scheme, you are eligible for a fixed set of cloud resources. You have to buy the storage and networking resources for specific time duration so that you can utilise them to full capacity. Irrespective of your usage you will be paying for the scheduled plan. This scheme is quite appropriate for well-established large firms which can fully tap the capacity without much wastage. At the same time, if you ever feel that your operations don’t need the full capacity, you may not be able to do anything with your already opted plan. In such cases, a more flexible plan will be better.
  • Dynamic pricing system : This model presents a cost-effective pricing style with its flexible operating plans. It works more in a pay-as-you-go style. By knowing the exact usage requirements of the data and software, you can choose the plan. So, you will be paying only for your usage, instead of around the clock payment. Whenever there is a demand for extra cloud space you can reframe your cloud strategy.

The fantastic four ways to tighten the budget

Yes, of course, there is a price for cloud computing. But this is worth it if you look at the long-term advantages. Many companies claim turnover boost and cost reduction by improving productivity through cloud computing. Let us see how.

  • Reduction of hardware cost : Look at any rapidly growing company. It will require the latest hardware related to the industry. Moreover, it is a challenging task to manage the space, people and cost to accommodate all new hardware. This is on one side. What about the outdated hardware? You still have to maintain it just like a memory device. In such situations, cloud computing can help you a lot. Your business can manage the required storage using the cloud, with some access fees. Here the user can avail the SaaS (Software as a service) model or PaaS (Platform as a service) model services. Inculcating efficient cloud storage in your business will also alleviate the power costs and will lend a hand in creating an energy-efficient working mode.
  • Enhanced productivity : Simplification, in any activity, can improve productivity. This applies to cloud computing also. Upgrading to cloud-based data management means you are adopting a new simple, automated solution. Particularly with its “on-demand service” feature, the cloud-based systems can offer you more flexible operating modes. The ‘anytime availability of data’ will save a lot of time and cost, avoiding unnecessary travels and meetings. Adding to that, the installation and deployment of these systems are relatively quicker. Anyone can effortlessly master the user-friendly SaaS applications available online. All of these advantages significantly contribute to productivity.
  • Better focus on core operations : The success of your business depends upon how well you focus on your core operation. So, is it prudent for your company to expend a lot of energy on the nitty-gritty of a non-core activity like data management? And it may not be worth to recruit experts for every rising technology? This is where you can take the help of expert cloud computing services. Without the burden of training, allowances or downtime the cloud service providers ensure the perfection in every singular field with the utmost professionalism. You are free from the concerns of recurring maintenance cost of the hardware, as it is the accountability of the cloud vendors. This provides you with the opportunity to re-allocate your human resources and allow them to focus on your core activities. Naturally, this will eventually lead to enhanced business performance.
  • Flexible capital investment plans : Last but not the least, if you can smartly choose your pricing schemes, cloud computing can do wonders to your cost savings. In the case of large firms which require a dedicated cloud system, the pricing decision is quite easy, and they can go for the fixed pricing option. But if your business is in low to medium scale, it is better to avail flexible investment plans. Each firm can tailor own cloud plans according to the extent of business and plans. The pay-as-you-go pricing model greatly helps you with flexible monetisation plans. Also, the upfront expenses of the cloud are more economical compared to those of the in-house solutions. This will bring additional savings to you.

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