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The Cloud Advantage

May 21st

We are rapidly heading towards a digitalized world, day-by-day. Yes, practically everything-be it education, job or entertainment, you have it at your fingertips. Today geographical distance hardly matters. Take for example remote working. Have you ever imagined this becoming a norm in the business world?

Thanks to the fast-growing communication technologies. In the current scenario, when the whole world is in the grip of the COVID pandemic, many companies continue to operate successfully with the help of a remote working model. Even those who were apprehensive of this idea are now slowly adopting this culture. However, the most difficult part of this transformation is the management of a huge pile of data. How to address this problem? The best solution available today is cloud storage.

  • Understanding the cloud : Cloud database is a revolutionary technology, which has significantly enhanced the efficiency of the business process in this century. Today’s business activities demand enormous data storage capacity, which is difficult to manage with stand-alone systems or hardware. This is where the cloud becomes important. The term cloud represents the computer resources for data storage, and the remote user can share the files to the cloud server via the internet. Usually, the cloud storage uses multiple servers so that even if one server fails, the user data remains secured. Depending upon the nature of use, you can avail the service of four different cloud storages viz., personal, private, public and hybrid. The cloud provider will manage all your data and services securely.
  • What is cloud migration? : The process of shifting the databases, applications, and the total workload to the remote cloud is known as cloud migration. This also includes data transfer from one cloud to another. The latter scenario normally happens when firms are dealing with so many platforms or they have any security issues with their existing cloud provider.
  • Effects in remote working : When your business model promotes work from home culture, you will tend to handle so many diverse platforms. To provide virtual assistance, meet-ups, discussions and training, you may have to integrate all the comments, videos, messages and texts into a single proposal. Bouncing between applications will never be appreciated in such situations. More than that, all these data should be handled in the most secure and speedy ways. With the help of a cloud-based solution, you can manage all such complex and tedious requirements of data storage.

Key benefits of cloud migration

  • Remote association : The greatest benefit of cloud migration is the anywhere-anytime accessibility of the data. With permission from cloud servers, we can control our data with the help of certain applications and tools. The efficient collaboration with the team-mates through data and idea-sharing is feasible irrespective of the geographic constraints. This system helps to mitigate the hassles in remote teamwork, with efficient management of time and money. What does this mean? An increase in your overall productivity.
  • Extremely secure : Data security is a paramount factor, in today’s business context. Typical security threats include hacking, data removal and data leakage. Cloud data storage is considered secure from such issues. With robust security policies and efficient technologies, the cloud providers today are in a position to assure high-end security to the cloud data. Several safety-enhancing methods such as firewalls, data encryption, saturation testing, and intrusion detection system are available these days to facilitate the security of data.
  • High accessibility : The cloud servers provide provisions to multiple users for accessing the data globally in the quickest ways. One can access the cloud data through any type of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops via the internet. They promise high-end mutual efficiency by storing the data in a customary format.
  • Cost-effectiveness : As a user, you can regulate the functionality of the cloud without any hassles of continuous system updation. The best cloud providers always working with the latest software versions. The self-updating nature of the cloud systems assists you in simplifying the time and money constraints. The virtual portal alleviates the load of equipment and in turn, minimizes the maintenance cost. Most of the cloud storage providers offer several data storage schemes with less capital investment. Some of them even offer zero cost trials. You can make out wise decisions according to the storage needs of your business.

Low to minimal impact of COVID 19

COVID 19 and social distancing norms have changed the way we work. Worldwide, most of the companies are harnessing the cloud technology to get the best out of remote working. Without much human intervention, the cloud networks can effectively support the distant data management.

Common issues faced by the IT firms during the current phase include network downtime, business integrity and data security. Secure cloud systems help them in tackling the situation by building up a resilient working system.

Now that the world is up against such an unprecedented crisis, experts predict that the increasing demand for cloud migration services will continue in future also. The present situation opened the flood gate of opportunities in cloud migration. At this juncture, it is not an easy task to get the best cloud provider for your company.

Checking the cloud readiness

Now it is time to think about the cloud readiness check. Before making a cloud migration plan, the firms must gather the business context of all their tools and applications. Begin with the following steps to avoid the risks in cloud migration.

  • Identify the need for cloud migration in your business
  • Inventory the applications, databases, disk footprint and the servers
  • Map the interconnection between the application and the respective servers
  • Prioritize the critical applications and choose a non-critical application for the trial migration
  • Schedule the correct timeline for migration (be careful to avoid peak performance periods)
  • Discuss with your cloud providers about the different migration strategies and find out the top picks for your business.

Collaborate with us

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