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The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve SEO for Educational Institutions

June 20th
SEO for educational institutions

The days have gone when the prospective students ask their acquaintances or senior students what are the best colleges and universities in the city or country. Nowadays, in place of doing so, they prefer to rely on popular search engines to start their college search. And most of the time, they end up by choosing the college or university that has a strong presence in the organic search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) not only helps educational institutes to get digital presence but also helps to build a connection between the prospective students and the colleges or universities.

According to a study, more than 50% of the students used popular search engines to know about the top colleges and universities. And they prefer to choose the ones that are in the first page of search result. So, if your college or university is not on the first page of search results, then you don't exist.

Why are there educational institutions that don't pay heed to Search Engine Optimization?

There are several reasons why colleges and universities are not choosing SEO for higher education . Here are the ones:

1. Marketing savvy

Most of the colleges and universities are in the view that their role and goal is help students to enter into the world of education and enlighten their souls. So, they don't prefer to make any marketing strategies that help them to earn profit. They better love to leave it for the ones to whom opening educational institutions are equal to making profits. It is one of the reasons why a good number of colleges and universities are not investing in SEO.

2. Contenders

Most of the universities prefer to use the marketing strategy of their competitors in their own ways. And if they find that their competitors are not investing in SEO, they are also reluctant to do so. One of the ideal ways to make them understand the importance of SEO for educational institutions is to show them the institutions that are using SEO and enjoying its results.

3. Old way of thinking

Though digitization has touches most of the fields, there are still several educational institutions that like to stick to the old way of thinking. While some like to choose the conventional way of marketing, such as giving advertisements on newspapers and spreading brochures, others are in the opinion that there is no need for advertisement at all. Students, who are in the quest of the best educational facility will find they in anyhow, and would take admission in the college or university. However, they are not ready to understand that nowadays, students like to choose the ones that represent them in a more refined way. And the ideal way to let the colleges and universities aware of this is show the real picture and how they are out of the race for not embracing the power of SEO.

4. IT department overload

It is the IT department of the educational institutions that look after the task of managing its site and developing pan for digital marketing. Nowadays, these departments are overloaded with lots of other tasks, so they don't have the time to invest in SEO campaigns or think about the website. And as a result educational facilities are failing to create a good image online.

What you need to do to optimize your content for searches

1. Add relevant keyword

When it comes to creating a content for SEO, the first and foremost thing that one needs to think about is the keyword. It is the keyword that can help viewers to reach you. You may keep wondering how to pick the right keyword or phrase for your content. One of the ideal solutions would be to use online tools for this. You can also take guidance from the SEO professionals. While using keywords, try to use the ones that are directly related to your business. For local SEO, you can use the name of the locality in the keyword, it will help the searches to reach you. You can also use related or LSI keywords. It will also lower the possibility of keyword stuffing in your content. Moreover, it will catch the attention of the users by offering the content they are in search of.

2. Use attractive headings and sub-headings

Before going through the content, the thing that users will notice is the headings and sub-headings. So, when you create content for SEO for colleges, you have to be careful about the headings and sub-headings, and don't forget to add keywords to it. The more catchy the headlines and sub-headings would be, the more number of users would like to click on it. Write small content under the headings. The text should be relevant and interesting and would flow naturally to users.

3. Build links

When it comes to off-page SEO, you can hardly ignore link building. Irrespective of the business you are in, you have to build quality links to get higher links. It refers to the process of enhancing inbound links for a website. Posting articles and blogs in relevant 3rd party sites help you with this. However, before you do so, don't forget to check the DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page Authority) of the site. Try to find out the sites that offer education advises and post relevant content on that site. You will get links from those sites and thus, there will be a boost in the ranking.

4. Consider mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness is the next thing that you need to consider. As the young generation is using mobile devices than desktops to surf the internet, you need to create a mobile version along with the desktop version of the website. With this, you can reach both desktop and mobile users, and it will ultimately impact your rankings.

5. Perform SEO audit

Before you work on to improve your rankings, you need to find out whether there is an issue in the site and what are the things that you need to focus on. And an SEO audit helps you with this. It will be mainly beneficial when some of the SEO tactics involve technical issues, which involve the IT department. Often the IT department of education institutes will have a backlog of requests. Performing SEO audits help to find out the issues that are affecting the rankings and take effective measures.

These are some of the essential things that you can focus on to improve SEO for college website. Are you wondering how to include all these to your SEO campaign? Well, let us, Vedhas Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, help you with this. Backed up with years of experience in digital marketing and serving companies belong to different fields, we will make a unique strategy and based on that build the SEO campaign. Moreover, we will share each detail time to time with you, so that you don't have any doubt regarding how we are proceeding. So, if you want to get top Google rankings and thus reach the maximum number of students, start your journey to the digital realm today!