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Want to Get Top Google Rankings for Your Medical Website

June 11th
SEO Medical Marketing

Nowadays, people are preferring internet to get quick medical response. A report which was published on the effect of internet on our lives show that more than 50% of the web users look online in order to know about medical treatments and other health related information. Having your healthcare practice show up in organic search results is the ideal way to beat the competitors and ensure that you stand out to the potential patients. However, how can you make it possible? The answer is a good dose of SEO for healthcare.

Definition of Medical SEO

In simple words, medical SEO refers to the process of boosting the search engine rankings of your medical website so that physicians, as well as treatment centers, can reach more number of patients, who are in search of their services.

What are the reasons for investing in Medical SEO?

The old school believes are changing rapidly and new believes are taking its place. And the credit goes to digital revolution. It also gives patients the opportunity to connect with doctors and medical facilities immediately. It does not matter where they are, they can access the necessary information at any time. And as searchers always like to click on the top results, if your website is not getting higher ranks on Search results, you are losing your potential customers and contributing in the rise of your competitor businesses. Some of the medical facilities prefer to focus only on a particular aspect of SEO. But it is not the right way to look at SEO. Relying only on one aspect of SEO is like putting eliminating the main thing for a part. It can give you an immediate result, but it will not be long-lasting. So, focus on all the necessary aspects.

How to use medical SEO to ensure your healthcare facility get top Google rankings?

There are several things, which play an important role in determining the higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And the common ones among them are:

1. Your site should be fast, secure, and responsive

The first three things that you have to check while checking a website, is the loading speed, responsiveness, and security. If your website is taking more than the standard time (3 seconds), then your visitors would hardly like to stay there. And when more visitors will do this, there will be a rise in the bounce rate that is not preferred by search engines like Google. The goal of Google is simple, it is to offer the best result in the minimum time possible to the users, and as a slow website cannot please users, Google will also not like it. So, if you have to take steps to make your healthcare site fast.

The next thing that you have to concentrate on is security. If your healthcare company does not have an HTTPS website, then it can face several issues other than SEO. Take steps to do so.

As more users are using digital devices to search information, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you are not able to reach them and thus, lose the patients, who are looking for treatments or advice.

2. You need relevant medical content for SEO

When it comes to SEO for health insurance or healthcare facility, you also have to think about the quality of your content along with making the site fast, secure, and responsive. How to make your content quality content? The basic features of content which satisfy viewers and the popular search engines are relevancy, originality, proper use of keywords, and attractive headlines. Medical contents that are enriched with these features can easily grab the attention of the searchers, as well as the search engines, and the goal of writing and posting contents will be satisfied. Along with creating content, you also need to make a plan regarding its distribution. You need to set a time and based on that you should post the contents. For an update, Google is now focusing on the pages that make an important role in health and happiness of users. And so, you have to an extra careful while creating content for your medical site.

3. You have to choose the right keywords

Whether you want to focus on SEO for mental health or something g else that is related to SEO, you have to include the right keyword related to the healthcare industry in the content. Each specialization is different, however, if you want to focus on local patients, then add the name of your city with a particular health-related service. You can also add the name of your country in the keywords or phrases. You can also add LSI keywords in your content. But based on specific practice, keywords differ. Use keyword planning tools to get your industry related keywords. Once you are done with the keywords, create content based on this. However, never ever stuff the content with keywords. It is a bad practice and Google can penalize your website for this.

4. Your site needs optimized meta descriptions, title tags, as well as schema

Title tags play an important role in Google rankings. Though meta descriptions have more weight, you cannot ignore this. In case you have a WordPress medical website, you can use plugins to edit titles, as well as meta descriptions. It is better to use the keyword in both the title tag and in the description. You should also consider using a schema that is a kind of website code that offers more context and information about your page to Google. Though only using schema cannot help your site to get higher ranks on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), this makes it easier for popular search engines to interpret, and thus, enhances the chances to be included in the search results. Some of the things that you can include with schema are a medical condition, drug, medical guidelines, etc.

The final thought

After going through the points that are discussed above, you can easily understand how important Search Engine Optimization is for a medical facility to rank higher. But as each medical facility has some exclusive needs, one-size-fits-all will not work for it. So, when you want to optimize your healthcare company, you have to make a plan that can go well with your business.

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